People are often surprised by the vast range of professionals and businesses resorting to self-storage services to save up space. Retailers, hotels and catering service providers, tradesmen and accountant firms, private schools and public services – and the list keeps on growing.

Whether as a temporary solution or a seasonal one, Olympic Storage guarantees the safety of your items and their preservation in the state they were brought in our facilities, regardless of how sensitive or valuable they may be.

So, if you wonder whether a self-storage unit rental is a proper solution for your firm or business, check out a list of items you can store in our facilities.

Files & Documents

Online storage is growing rapidly in popularity, but printed documents are still essential in all types of businesses, and whole dossiers and boxes full of files need to be stored away for several years for future audits or dealings with the public services, including tax returns, invoices.

The ever-growing space required for such paperwork can suffocate the offices of start-ups or medium-sized businesses or take up much-needed space in factories and retailer shops, making self-storage units an excellent solution.

Products for Online Stores

Online retailers are growing in numbers, and the trend is expected to surge in the near future. Retailers often act as the middleman and require some kind of premises to temporarily store their stock – a more secure and much preferable option than your garage or backyard, for many reasons, aside from keeping your personal space functional.

First of all, a storage unit is monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras. Second, the more sensitive your products are (such as clothing, electrical appliances and furniture) to humidity, heat or cold, the more important it is to store them properly and has a climate controlled environment – and much less dust.

Heavy Machinery & Tools not Frequently Used

Freelancers using some types of tools or heavy machinery may find it hard to store such objects and items at home.

Instead, you can store them away in a unit – anything from hammers and pulverisers to ploughs and pine straw rakes.

Restaurant Equipment, Furniture, Canned Foods, and Wines

Restaurants, hotels and catering providers often go through seasonal clutters, which, when through, leave them with excess furniture and all types of equipment, decoration items as well as foods that can be stored away in room temperature, such as canned food and bottles of wine.

Office Furniture and Expendables During Moves or Renovations

Moving to a new business establishment or renovating the one you already use often exceed the deadlines. Having all your equipment stored away in a unit until your new offices are ready to welcome you is an excellent way to alleviate anxiety and streamline all the related procedures.

As we said, storage-units can prove a valuable tool for your business in times of strain. Should you wish to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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