Cyprus Olympic Storage Solutions’ sole ambition is to provide professional and fully personalised storage solutions.

Cyprus Olympic Storage Solutions’ sole ambition is to provide professional and fully personalised storage solutions to individuals and businesses of all types and industries.

There is only one way to reach that goal – the offer of an array of storage solutions of various sizes and corresponding cost, allowing the user to rent just the amount of space he or she needs and keep the renting expenses as low as possible.

Indeed, in our facilities in Latsia, Nicosia, you may find any type of storage unit, from mini lockers to maximum storage, making sure that you will store your personal belongings or business equipment properly, in secure and weather-proof containers, with controlled interior environment, at the minimum possible cost.

Storage Solutions Fully Tailored to Your Needs

Cyprus Olympus Storage Solutions offers you six storage units of different sizes:

  1. Value pack: the smallest storage unit in our facilities has dimensions of 1.5m (L) X 1m (W) X 2.5m (H) – ideal for personal items, boxes, or even dismantled furniture. Note that the unit’s interior is insulated and capable of preserving steady temperature levels.
  2. Small: our small storage unit is 3 metres long, 1-metre wide and 2.5 metres high, offering a space area 3m2. Its interior temperature and humidity levels are controlled, and the user has immediate access to his or her belongings 24/7, any time of the year.
  3. Medium: reaching a length of 6 metres, but of equal width and height, our medium-sized storage unit has a space area of 6m2. Again, interior conditions are fully controlled, and access to the user is unlimited.
  4. Medium Independent: offering a larger space area and of slightly bigger width, our medium independent unit allows you to store autonomously precious machinery or equipment.
  5. Large: our large and fully independent storage unit has an increased width of 2.5 metres and is 6 metres long and 2.5 metres high. These dimensions translate to no less than 15m2, which is the size of a small studio. Unlimited access and climate control are included in the price.
  6. Extra Large: our next in size unit offers fully independent space equal to a small apartment, with a surface of 30m2, width and height of 2.5 metres and a length of 12 metres.

Our Facilities

Located in Latsia, Nicosia, near the island’s capital and equally distanced from the rest major urban centres, our storage facilities are constantly supervised by security personnel and are equipped with advanced surveillance and alarm systems.

Hence, you may rest assured that all your stored items are in place and perfect condition, be it furniture, books and clothing, office equipment and machinery, raw materials and products, electrical appliances, sports gear or any other kind of equipment – even motorcycles, caravans and boats.

Setting safety, cleanliness, adaptability and professionalism as our top priorities, we have what it takes to satisfy your storage needs and wishes 24/7, all year round.

If you need the space, we’ve got the place! Ring us today at 97610610 to learn more!

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