Olympic Storage Solutions offers you unlimited access to all your possessions, year-round, seven days a week, as often as you like, guaranteeing excellent storage conditions.

True, we had a heavy winter this year, but springtime is fast approaching and the scorching sun of the Mediterranean will soon force to bring out your summer wardrobe!

However, something troubles your mind – hence your visit to our blog! And that “something” has to do with “storage” hasn’t it?

Storing the winter clothes might seem at first a breeze – all you have to do is fold them and chuck them all in a box and then store them in the attic or your garage – if you have one.

However, there are certain factors that make things much more complicated: devouring moths, mice, mould and all sorts of creeping creatures and fungi can turn your winter wardrobe into a restaurant for parasites!

Unless of course… you follow the following tips! Then you will surely have your warm clothes ready and intact for the next winter.

  1. Divide them into ‘Stay-ers’ & ‘Goners’

Since you are short on storage space, the first thing to do is check which of your clothes have served their purpose and need to go, and which are still handy and usable. Some of the ‘goners’ can be used for a different purpose; others can be sold; others need to be thrown away. Make sure you store the ones you will indeed use.

  1. Store Them Clean

Dust and dirt can cause, in the long term, significant damage to the fabric of your clothes. So, make sure you check all pockets for all sorts of tiny trash – food, paper, receipts, dirt. Give them a good dusting if they are already clean, or wash them before storing them away.

Remember that stains that can easily be removed now can get permanent if they remain in the garment for months. Hence, wash and dry all the clothes you think of storing.

Drying them thoroughly is very important! You don’t want humidity trapped inside the fabric!

  1. Make a List of the Clothes You Will Pack and Store

This is important, especially for some of your more expensive or favourite clothes, since we often forget where we have put them and panic without reason. Having an inventory of the items you have stored away can save you considerable time, energy and anxiety.

  1. Pack your Clothes Carefully & Cleverly

Vacuum seal bags are considered the best option for long term storage – but this is not always the case. Some types of delicate textiles can get damaged by these bags, requiring at least some air circulating in and out their knots, preventing moisture from getting trapped inside.

On the other hand, lidded plastic containers are just ideal for long-term clothing storage, shielding them against vermin and moisture.

A small tip for extra protection is to line the walls of the container with cotton sheets, as well as use wooden cedar balls to protect them from months and bad smell.

Ah – and don’t forget to label them after folding your clothes carefully inside! You may need some of them sooner, so make sure you won’t have to unpack all the boxes to find a jacket or a windbreaker!

  1. Find a Safe and Suitable Storage Place

Last, the best possible solution for people who lack proper and adequate storage space is a personal storage unit.

Remember, your clothes are not just personal items with sentimental value, but also a considerable part of your property. Surely, some of them worth a lot of money, and you will need them in perfect condition in a few months. Hence, finding a clean, cool, and dry storage space, offering prompt access 24/7 and top security is not luxury, but a necessity.

Olympic Storage Solutions offers you unlimited access to all your possessions, year-round, seven days a week, as often as you like, guaranteeing excellent storage conditions. Most importantly, we offer storage units of several sizes, fully personalised to your needs and allowing you to keep the storage cost as low as possible.

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