Whatever size home we have, we always seem to fill it up and need more space. When you live in a small home, this problem is magnified, but it just takes some clever thinking to make your small home work for you. These tips will help you to make the most of the space you have, however limited it may be…

Declutter and clear out

A cluttered house can make your mind feel cluttered too. Having a good clear out can be very refreshing once you put your mind to it. Tackle each room one by one to avoid feeling overwhelmed and try to be ruthless. Do you really need that old kettle just in case your new one breaks? Are all those coats really going to be worn? Anything that you don’t use, or you don’t love, it’s time to get rid of it. Friends and family may be really appreciative of that kitchen gadget you used once then put at the back of the cupboard, or you could sell unwanted items and put the money towards something you really do need, or even a fun trip out or a special meal. If you struggle to part with things, perhaps because they have sentimental value, or you’re worried you may need them one day, then a self storage facility is the perfect solution. You can still have access to all your possessions, but they’re not cluttering up your home.

Be clever with storage

The key to storage is to use every inch of space to maximum effect. Can you add an extra shelf or two in your cupboards? Perhaps there is space on top of your wardrobes for some pretty storage boxes?

Look up and use your wall space

Making the most of the height of your home can add a lot of extra storage space. You’re bound to have things you don’t use so often but you still need access to them. Seasonal items such as festive decorations, or seasonal clothes can all go on high shelves. A small foldable step stool is a good investment. Wall or ceiling mounted racks are great for kitchen utensils when storage space is at a minimum.

Think before you buy

Every time you purchase something, think about how you’re going to store it. Opt for the smallest size you can manage with, from vacuum cleaners to slimline dishwashers, there’s usually a more compact version of just about everything. Try not to impulse buy things you don’t really need or you’ll end up with a cluttered home again!

Choose the perfect self storage facility

Your very own self storage unit is like having another room in your home. Choose a storage facility that offers a range of different size units so you can pick one that’s just right for your needs.  It’s the ideal way to get those items out of your home that you don’t need on a regular basis. That bulky Christmas tree, bicycles, garden furniture and paddling pools that you only use in the summer months can all be safely stored out of the way in your unit.

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